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Temporary Tattoos

Our Temporary Tattoo are very durable. They can last at least a week long and up to 2 weeks. They won't easily come off with soap and water.

How to Apply

1) Remove tattoo from protective package.

2) Remove protective film from tattoo paper.

3) Place Tattoo on skin in desired location.

4) Wet back of tattoo paper with water until tattoo detaches from paper. (when fully detached the paper will slide off easily)

5) Try wetting a towel or paper towel to moisten tattoo paper back for best results.

6) Remove paper and enjoy!

How To Remove

For Easiest Removal

1) Scrub tattoo off with Isopropyl Alcohol (Rubbing Alcohol) until fully removed.

2) Wash with soap and water.

(Use lotion afterwards to prevent dry skin)

Another Method

1) Gently remove tattoo with any oil and scrub. 

(Requires more time and physical scrubbing to remove)

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