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Temporary Tattoos

How to Apply

1) Remove tattoo from protective package.

2) Remove protective film from tattoo paper.

3) Place Tattoo on skin in desired location.

4) Wet back of tattoo paper with water until tattoo detaches from paper. (get really wet and paper will slide off easily for best results)

5) Remove paper and enjoy!

Our Temporary Tattoo are very durable. They can last at least a week long and won't easily come off with soap and water.

How To Remove

For Easiest Removal

1) Scrub tattoo off with Isopropyl Alcohol (Rubbing Alcohol) until fully removed.

2) Wash with soap and water.

(Use lotion afterwards to prevent dry skin)

My How To

For Nail Wraps

Nail Design.png

For best result follow these steps.

1. Shape, file, buff & clean nail with Isopropyl Alcohol.


2. Select the size that fits your nail.

Note: nail strip is a little stretchy so it can be stretched a tiny bit to fit your nail.

3. Gently remove the nail wrap from the tip.

4. Hold nail wrap by tip and place starting at base of nail.

Note: you can gently pull off and reposition without damaging the strip or nail.

5. Firmly Smooth the nail surface until wrinkle free.

6. Fold excess of the strip over the nail.

7. Gently file using downward strokes.


All done & Pretty!

Remove with Nail Polish Remover.

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